There is a saying that adventure travel is only adventurous after the fact. during the trip it is more like a day-long pain in the butt. sometimes fly fishing is like that. It is not until the last rays of the sun (or later for those Madison river evenings) slip away that the day starts to become fishing stories. As friends gather around a table of food and drink the eats become more epic, the flies smaller, the wind harsher, the misses more painful and the mistakes become more hilarious. It is here, in this moment, that memories are cast. And it is here, in this place, at this time, that you need a cold one, a fried one and one on a bun. Or something like that. Follow my blog with bloglovin

Yellowstone National Park

Bears, bison, wolves... they are all here in large number. Good food however is not. It is a bit of a source of constant frustration that such a wonderful, magical place can be ruined with overpriced, overcooked, often unpalatable food. There is really nothing redeeming about the food the lodges produce, some is just worse than others. Rather than sticking to a few American classics like burgers, pizza, chicken fried steak, etc. they try and get fancy with gourmet dishes that contain multiple ingredients. If it takes more than 3 words to describe what you are going to eat - run.

There are secrets to getting a decent slice of pizza in the park, but you will have to figure that one out on your own. It should only take a night or two at the bar to make the proper connections.

Or you can go the cheap and easy route and eat salami and cheese on a tortilla. Go crazy and put a little brown mustard on it. If you want to step it up a notch your local grocery store has wonderful, salt-rich bags of Indian food that you just plop in boiling water for a couple minutes, or as I learned last year, just leave them in the car all day for a perfectly lukewarm, no hassle dinner. Tasty and filling. And it replaces all of that salt you sweated out. Remember, you are here to fish, not dine. That potato chip in your hand is merely fuel for the next day's stalking of fish.

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