There is a saying that adventure travel is only adventurous after the fact. during the trip it is more like a day-long pain in the butt. sometimes fly fishing is like that. It is not until the last rays of the sun (or later for those Madison river evenings) slip away that the day starts to become fishing stories. As friends gather around a table of food and drink the eats become more epic, the flies smaller, the wind harsher, the misses more painful and the mistakes become more hilarious. It is here, in this moment, that memories are cast. And it is here, in this place, at this time, that you need a cold one, a fried one and one on a bun. Or something like that. Follow my blog with bloglovin

Cooke City

So you are fishing the 'Butte late in the afternoon on an Indian summer day. There is one cut that you have to fool. One fish that you must have out of a day's worth of fish. If you do not succeed the day will not come to a glorious end complete with harps and a gospel chorus, but instead will end in recriminations and a black hole of self-loathing that will eat your fishing confidence for the entire winter. So... you do not want to screw this up.

#22 beatis emerger. Bing. Bang. Boom. Done.

Depression averted you realize that you haven't eaten all day. You really can't stand another baloney, mustard and tortilla "sandwich" and the protein bars are all gone. The Roosevelt doesn't hold any allure either. What to do?

Well campers, why not head on over to always friendly Cooke City where you can meet real-live Romanians. It's only a few short miles from the "Butte. Fewer if you happen to be on Battery Flats. Cold beer and 'eh (with the exception of the Miner) food awaits.

Miners Saloon is hands down the best place for a burger, pizza, beer and a Fernet Branca and coke, although the bartender will abuse you for the last order. He is under the impression that the proper way to drink Fernet is as a shot. The pizza here is a really good imitation of NY-style pie. Greasy, cheesy, foldable. If you fish through sunset expect a wait.

The hardware store and bakery next to the Super 8. Good breakfast burritos and cakes.

Beartooth Cafe  has a real friendly staff, pretty good food and excellent beer selection. It's always a wait, but they have a nice outdoor waiting area where you can watch the locals from Eastern Europe wander by while sipping you beer. Occasional neck-snappers are seen.

Soda Butte Lodge Prospector Cafe makes me want to say "Beeeeetch Creeeeeek." Thumper Rule applies

Hoosier's Bar might be your best bet in town. Have that baloney sandwich on the river, catch one more fish and then spend the rest of the night here listening to Van Halen on cassette tape. Watch the owner yell at people for using the restroom and not buying a beer. Drink PBR. Drink more PBR. Buy rounds of PBR for the house. Notice that you and your buddy are the house. Pay $10 tab. Stick #22 beatis emerger back in hat.

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